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Benefits for patients and technologists, while improving your bottom line.

¨ Reduce Technologist Radiation Exposure

  • Tungsten and lead shielding provide proven reductions in radiation exposure to technologists
  • Automated dose preparation and infusion enables increased distance and hands off operation

Intego Plus Sign  For information on our Clinical Experience References and how the Medrad™ Intego™ is providing benefits to sites around the world, click here.

¨ Personalize Patient Care

  • Automated weight-based dosing from a simple touchscreen enables clinicians to administer an accurate, personalized dose for each patient
  • Variable flow rate (0.5 mL/sec or 1 mL/sec) and saline test infusion support treatment for fragile veins 

Intego Plus Sign  For information on our IRRIS study that compares protocols and evaluates the impact of personalized dosing around the world, click here.

¨ Improve Radiopharmaceutical Utilization

  • Practical and precise weight-based dosing enables clinicians to prescribe a minimum acceptable dose for each unique patient
  • Utilization of a multi-dose vial streamlines workflow, and creates opportunity for schedule compression and fewer radiopharmaceutical deliveries

¨ Drive Operational Efficiency

  • Automated dose preparation, administration, and documentation eliminates non-value added steps
  • USB connectivity to HIS/RIS/NMIS, mobility, and full battery operation streamlines processes and workflow

¨ Enhance Practice Competitiveness

  • Precise, personalized dosing differentiates Medrad™ Intego™ sites to the surrounding referral base
  • Dose-on-demand functionality provides the flexibility to respond to late arriving patients or those with unmet prep conditions

Intego Plus Sign  For information on the Medrad™ Intego™ Advantage and how our system can help you re-think PET and unlock your department potential, click here

Last Updated: August 27,2014