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 Medrad Intego PET Infusion System  Source Administration Set (SAS)  Patient Administration Set (PAS)
Medrad™ Intego™ PET Infusion System Source Administration Set (SAS) Patient Administration Set (PAS)

Medrad Intego Vial Shield Medrad™ Intego™ in Clinical Environment - Infusion Image Ready to Infuse Screenshot
Medrad™ Intego™ Vial Shield Medrad™ Intego™ in Clinical Environment Medrad™ Intego™ Display Screen:  Dose has been prepared and system is ready to infuse
Infusion Progress Screenshot Medrad Intego Label - Infusion summary displayed
Medrad™ Intego™ Display Screen:  System is infusing at 1.0 mL/sec with graph showing infusion Medrad™ Intego™ Label:  Infusion summary displayed on printed label
Last Updated: July 25,2014